28 September 2012

Yoda Yoga & My 3 Year Old

When my just turned three year old wandered out to the living room this morning, she caught me stretching after my workout.

Baby Girl: "what doing mama?"
Me: "I'm stretching. Do you want to stretch, too?"
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because it's good for your body."
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because your body needs to always be in good condition."
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because being in top physical condition will help during the zombie apocalypse."
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because we can't always wear tinfoil hats."
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because when the nice men in the white coats come for mommy to give me my 'I love me' jacket I don't want hat hair"
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because President Obama said I didn't build that"
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because someone else made the roads"
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because we all wanted to go to Rome."
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "because I said so. We're digressing."
Baby Girl: "oh mys see"
Me: "you do?"
Baby Girl: "yeah."
Me: "Good. Do you want to stretch with me?"
Baby Girl: "why?"
Me: "okay, look, I'll tell you the truth, ok? Mommy has a big butt and Mommy needs to exercise."
Baby Girl: "yeah, you have a big butt Mommy."
"yeah, you have a big butt Mommy."
"yeah, you have a big butt Mommy."
                  ...thanks kid.

Me: "exactly and Mommy needs to stretch after working out - especially since Mommy is going to start doing yoga."
Baby Girl: "What Yoda?"

yes, this picture actually existed 

Me: "He's a weird guy from Star Wars. Do you know Yoda?"
Baby Girl: "no"
Me: "let's Goggle..."
Baby Girl: "YAY I love to goggle!!"

credit: Wikipedia

Baby Girl: "hims scary."
Me: "Yeah, he talks funny, too. HEY, looks like there is Yoda Yoga."

google image search

Baby Girl: "Hey Mama?"
Me: "Yeah?"
Baby Girl: "I go plays wiff my dinosaurs now. You go Yoda big butt, ok?"
Me: sigh... "Ok."

On a side note: I totally want to Zumba with Darth. I bet he throws the best jazz hands.